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Jane Hurwitz is an author, editor, speaker on butterfly gardening.

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Butterfly Gardening is the most gardener-friendly source on the subject, covering all the practical details needed to create a vibrant garden habitat that fosters butterflies. It tells you which plants support which butterflies, depending on where you live; it describes what different butterflies require in the garden over the course of their lives; and it shows you how to become a butterfly watcher as well as a butterfly gardener.

While predominantly recommending regionally native plants, the book includes information on non-native plants. It also features informative interviews with experienced butterfly gardeners from across the United States. These gardeners share a wealth of information on plants and practices to draw butterflies to all kinds of gardens--from small suburban gardens to community plots and larger expanses.

Whether you are a gardener who wants to see more butterflies in your garden, a butterfly enthusiast who wants to bring that passion to the garden, or someone who simply wants to make their garden or yard friendlier to Monarchs or other butterflies, this is a must-have guide.

what people are saying

The North American Butterfly Association offers a lavish guide to remedying their plight in Butterfly Gardening, by Jane Hurwitz. It’s helpfully organized by region, and so straightforward and reasonable that there should soon be many more nectar banquets for these important pollinators.
— Dominique Brown, The New York Times Book Review
Butterfly Gardening by Jane Hurwitz is another beautiful gardening book that . . . will get beginners started and serve as an inspiration for experienced lepidopterists.
— Tina Winstead, Daily Star
This book stands alone. It gently guides you step-by-step on the path to creating an accomplished butterfly garden, and it makes you feel as though you have been welcomed into a group of butterfly-gardening friends. The presentation is clear and concise, the butterfly and plant charts are indispensable, and the photographs are incredible.
— Rick Mikula, president of Butterfly Rescue International
This very useful book will appeal to virtually everyone interested in butterfly gardening or butterflies. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy the down-to-earth style. Neither too elementary nor too technical, the book presents new concepts that are easy to grasp and implement, and the illustrations are excellent.
— John V. Calhoun, Research Associate, McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, Florida Museum of Natural History