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Jane Hurwitz Butterfly Gardening Events Page

Jane Hurwitz is an author, editor, speaker on butterfly gardening.

Attend a lecture on butterflies and gardening! 

Come hear about butterflies and the plants that they love. Topics that I lecture on include:

Basics of Butterfly Gardening

Whether you are a gardener who wants to see more butterflies in your garden, a butterfly enthusiast who wants to bring that passion to the garden, or someone who simply wants to make their garden or yard friendlier to Monarchs or other butterflies, this talk will provide ideas about protecting the entire life cycle of butterflies that visit our gardens, plant selection, and creative ideas on how to make our yards and gardens an oasis for butterflies and other creatures.

Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants

Learn which native plants support butterflies! Whether you garden in sun or shade, there are many native plants that will attract butterflies to your garden. Butterfly gardening is a gardening method used to protect the entire life cycle of butterflies. This talk explores the relationship that butterflies have with specific native plants and suggest easy steps to protect these relationships in order to enhance our local ecosystems, as well as your own garden.

Some events require pre-registration or may have a fee; please check with the host organization or contact me for information.

SCHEDULE a lecture on butterflies and gardening! 

I am available speak at libraries, gardening groups, and other public events. Fees for these services vary. If you’re interested in booking me for an event, please drop me a note on my contact page for more information or to inquire about pricing and availability.